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XSEDE Resource Status - Adding Resources

Making a resource show up

A Service Provider must do the following for a resource to show up:

  1. Obtain "Admin for Organization" access to the Resource Description Repository "RDR" (see the RDR User Guide).
  2. Define an RDR Base Resource with:
    • Project Affiliation is "XSEDE"
    • Resource Status (**) is one of Friendly, Coming Soon, Pre-Production, Production, or Post-Production
  3. Define at least one RDR Specific Resource for the above RDR Base Resource with:
    • Type is "compute" or "storage"
    • Resource Status (**) is one of Friendly, Coming Soon, Pre-Production, Production, or Post-Production

(**) The Resource Status of RDR Base and Specific Resources is based on whether the current date falls between the Status Begin Date and End Date.

All XSEDE registered resources from all SP Levels (1, 2, or 3) are shows whether allocated or not.

Once these steps are complete the resource should show up on XCSR Resource Status pages within 15 minutes. 

Where the status information comes from

Production (Declared) Status comes from RDR dates and described above.

 means the resource is in Production

 means the resources is in Pre-Production or Post-Production

 means the resources is in some other status besides Pre-Production, Production, or Post-Production

Available (Outage) Status comes from the User News system

 means the resource has NO declared outages

means the resource has a declared PARTIAL outage

 means the resource has a declared FULL outage

Monitored Status comes from XSEDE's INCA and Nagios monitoring/verification systems. INCA tests are configured automatically for SP resources that register XSEDE software and services components.

 means that NO tests are failing

means that some, but not all, tests are failing

means that all tests are failing.

Publishing Status comes from the Information Publishing Framework "IPF" component used by SP administrators to publish dynamic resource information.

 means that all required information is being published and has been refreshed recently

means that batch queue information is more than 1 hour old, OR software/service information is more than 1 day old

indicates that batch queue information is more than 3 hours old, OR software/service information is more than 3 days old

Getting Help

For assistance using any of the information systems that feed the XCSR Resource Status pages or with the XCSR itself contact "help at".