SW-01: Automate a project using a workflow manager

Executive Summary: 
A researcher needs to automate a project to run on one or more community resources using a workflow manager so the project can be completed as quickly as possible. The project consists of a large set of application runs. We’ll refer to these application runs as “jobs” and the entire set of jobs as the “project.” (A project is also often known as an “ensemble,” or a “workflow”). The workflow manager is an application that automates the execution of the project.
User Importance Summary: 
There are at least two motivations for automation: first, to improve research productivity by freeing researchers from time-consuming tasks that can be automated; second, to make the research process reproducible, capturing and recording every step of the process so other researchers can inspect and validate the process behind the researcher’s conclusions.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Researchers who use their own workflow tools - 100 < N < 1,000 Application developers - 100 < N < 1,000 Science gateway developers - 100 < N < 1,000