RC-03: Install software on a resource for use by a research community

Executive Summary: 
A researcher wants to install software and/or data on an XSEDE resource for use by a research community.
User Importance Summary: 
Allowing research communities to share software when using an XSEDE resource makes it easier for new users to use the resource and increases the value of the resource to the community. This is especially true for communities that develop and use science gateways and for educators who use XSEDE in their classes.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Researchers with XSEDE allocations - 10,000 < N < 100,000 Educators and students using XSEDE in classes - 1,000 < N < 10,000 Science gateway developers - 100 < N < 1,000 Science gateway users - 100,000 < N < 1,000,000