IDM-08: Login to a locally installed application with SSH/X.509 key

Executive Summary: 
An XSEDE user needs to login to a locally installed application (a command line program, graphical desktop application, or mobile application) using a previously linked SSH key or X.509 certificate, such that the application can securely interact with XSEDE services via REST interfaces on behalf of the user.
User Importance Summary: 
We need a way for the XSEDE system to identify individual human beings. If XSEDE-enabled applications leverage the same mechanism, it becomes easier for researchers to develop applications that use XSEDE and it becomes easier for researchers who use those applications to access other XSEDE resources and services. SSH keys and X.509 certificates are popular with some XSEDE users.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
People who develop XSEDE-enabled applications - 10 < N < 99 People who use XSEDE-enabled applications and have SSH keys or X.509 certificates - 100 < N < 999