CI-02: Manually publish system information

Executive Summary: 
An XSEDE community member needs to update the public record of specific system information so that others can find and use the information. Several specific examples of this general need follow. (a) An XCI staff member needs to revise/update the known use cases. (b) An XCI staff member needs to publish the degree to which use cases are/are not satisfied. (c) An XCI staff member needs to publish which use cases XCI is currently working on. (d) A software provider needs to add/update information about their software. (e) A service provider needs to add/update availability of a service.
User Importance Summary: 
The vision of XSEDE as a community infrastructure--a framework within which others can build--is a vital element of the XSEDE-2 project funded by NSF.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Application developers - (100 < N < 999) Campus IT administrators - (100 < N < 999) Software providers (10 < N < 99) Service providers - (10 < N < 99) XCI staff members - (10 < N < 99)