CI-01: Access system information

Executive Summary: 
An XSEDE community member needs to access specific information about the XSEDE system. Several specific examples of this general need follow. (a) A researcher has been invited to participate in a use case review. (b) An XSEDE staff member, an application developer, or a service provider needs to find underserved use cases in order to offer something of value to the community. (c) A researcher, an application developer, or an service provider needs to know which use cases XCI is working on in order to avoid duplicating effort. (d) A researcher, a service provider, an application developer, or a campus IT administrator needs to find software for a particular use. (e) A researcher needs to find a provider for a particular service.
User Importance Summary: 
The vision of XSEDE as a community infrastructure--a framework within which others can build--is a vital element of the XSEDE-2 project funded by NSF.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Researchers - (10,000 < N < 99,999) Application developers - (100 < N < 999) Campus IT administrators - (100 < N < 999) Service providers - (10 < N < 99) XSEDE staff members - (10 < N < 99)