CB-11: Archive research data on an XSEDE resource

Executive Summary: 
An XSEDE-allocated researcher needs to create an archival copy of research data on an XSEDE Level 1 or 2 resource.
User Importance Summary: 
XSEDE's campus bridging initiative is aimed at making it easier for researchers to access XSEDE services from their campuses, and easier for campus IT administrators to offer their services to other XSEDE users. Current research activities increasingly rely on data collected and curated by the larger research community. Future XSEDE resources may provide archival services (long-term storage) for research community data.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Researchers to need to archive data on XSEDE resources - (100 < N < 999) NOTE: There are currently no archival storage resources in the XSEDE family of resources.