CB-03: Remote desktop services for researchers

Executive Summary: 
A researcher on a college or university campus needs to open and maintain a remote desktop session on an XSEDE resource for a period of time potentially measured in several days.
User Importance Summary: 
XSEDE's campus bridging initiative is aimed at making it easier for researchers to access XSEDE services from their campuses, and easier for campus IT administrators to offer their services to other XSEDE users. Researchers and students at non-R01 institutions often lack access to modern computer equipment, making it difficult for them to run current research software or process data at scales typical for R01 research labs. The ability to allocate and use a remote system using a screen-sharing interface can provide these researchers access to current applications and data.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Researchers at non-R01 institutions who successfully apply for XSEDE access - 100 < N < 1,000 Educators at non-R01 institutions who successfully apply for XSEDE education allocations - 100 < N < 1,000