CAN-01: Run a remote job

Executive Summary: 
A science gateway developer or application developer needs to enable an application to submit and manage jobs on remote high-performance computing (HPC) or high-throughput computing (HTC) resources. Application examples include: a web application (e.g., science gateway), a workflow system (e.g., Galaxy, Pegasus, Kepler), a campus job queueing service, or a high-throughput system (Condor glide-ins).
User Importance Summary: 
While most researchers submit and manage their compute jobs manually (logging into the system via a remote terminal session and using the local command-line interface), the ability to submit and manage jobs remotely via an API is important for science gateways and scientific workflow tools that automate job submission. A single gateway or workflow tool can submit huge numbers of jobs this way. In fact, a sizable portion of the jobs executed on XSEDE are submitted in this way. Remote submission and management is an important factor in making XSEDE useful to scientific activities and broadening XSEDE's impact in science.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Science gateway developers - 100 < N < 1,000 Science gateway users - 100,000 < N < 1,000,000 Application developers - 100 < N < 1,000 Application users - 1,000 < N < 10,000