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Use Case Implementation Status

For more information about the table below, please read the Use Case Implementation Status Background page.
Showing status of 137 use cases:
Use Case / CDPImplementation StatusImplementation ComponentsIssues to be AddressedIssues RemainingMost Recent CDP
CAN-01: Run a Remote JobPARTIAL5022016-11-10
CAN-02: Managed File TransferPARTIAL6022016-06-01
CAN-03: Remote File AccessPARTIAL3022016-06-01
CAN-04: Interactive LoginPARTIAL5032016-06-01
CAN-05: Record and summarize the use of a serviceFULL1002018-08-24
CAN-06: Authenticate to one or more SP resources, SP services, and XSEDE central servicesPARTIAL7232017-12-14
CAN-07: Subscribe to Resource InformationFULL2002016-04-21
CAN-08: Search for Resource InformationFULL4002016-04-21
CAN-09: User ManagementPARTIAL4122017-08-24
CAN-11: Publish Resource InformationFULL3002016-04-21
CAN-12: Update Resource InformationFULL4002016-04-21
CB-01: InCommon-based AuthenticationPARTIAL3032016-11-22
CB-02: Share the XSEDE “environment” with campus resourcesPARTIAL1022018-08-31
CB-03: Remote desktop services for researchersFULL1002018-08-24
CB-04: Access campus research data from XSEDE resourcesFULL3002018-08-24
CB-05: Workflow automation combining XSEDE and campus resourcesNONE0012018-08-31
CB-06: Sharing computational facilities among campusesNO CDP
CB-07: Support for commercial service providersNO CDP
CB-08: Use XSEDE SSO with campus login serversPARTIAL9102017-01-23
CB-09: Access an XSEDE-hosted research data collection from campusPARTIAL3012018-08-24
CB-10: Synchronize research data between campus and XSEDE resourcesPARTIAL3012018-08-24
CB-11: Archive research data on an XSEDE resourceNONE0012018-08-24
CB-12: Setup monitoring and usage reporting for a campus HPC resourceFULL1002018-09-07
CB-13: Provide a simple interface to access any of the high-throughput computing queues available to a campusNO CDP
CB-14: Submit tasks to any of the high-throughput computing queues available to a campusNO CDP
CB-15: Develop an application or gateway that submits tasks to any of the high-throughput computing queues available to a campusNO CDP
CI-01: Access system informationFULL2002017-04-26
CI-02: Manually publish system informationPARTIAL4202017-04-21
CI-03: Automate changes to system informationFULL2002017-04-21
CI-04: Publish current and desired system capabilities, their availability, and their implementation statusFULL1002018-08-18
CI-05: Discover current and desired system capabilities, their availability, and their implementation statusFULL1002018-08-18
CI-06: Rate the priority or quality of a community need or contributionFULL1002018-08-18
CI-07: Discuss a community activityFULL1002018-08-18
CI-08: Conduct an engineering review of a community contributionFULL1002018-08-18
CI-09: Discover and inspect system capabilities currently under developmentFULL2002018-08-18
CI-10: Discover and review engineering documents for a specific capability or componentFULL2002018-08-18
CI-11: Manage the source code, documentation, and installable packages for a capabilityFULL1002018-08-18
DA-01: Data analytics resources and informationPARTIAL4102016-06-20
DA-02: Data preparationPARTIAL4202016-10-05
DA-03: Instrument data analysisFULL7002018-08-31
DA-04: HPC simulation data analysisFULL7002018-08-31
DA-05: In situ computational steeringFULL4002018-08-31
DM-01: Share a common repository of data with a distributed user communityFULL6002018-09-05
DM-02: Data Management for Distributed Simulation and AnalysisNO CDP
DM-03: Shared use of large-scale/streaming sensor input dataNO CDP
DM-04: Migration of data associated with change of primary computational siteFULL3002018-08-31
DM-05: Manually create metadata for a data objectNONE0102018-08-31
DM-06: Run a researcher-supplied tool to generate metadata for data objectsNONE0102018-08-31
DM-07: Automatically extract metadata from data objectsNONE0102018-08-31
DM-08: Store metadata for later useNONE0102018-08-31
DM-09: Search metadata for specific objects of interestNONE0102018-08-31
DM-10: Add metadata search features to an applicationNONE0102018-08-31
DM-11: Post-allocation data access on XSEDE SP resourcesPARTIAL5032018-08-01
FCI-01: VO authentication (myProxy services)NO CDP
FCI-02: Pilot job submission (set up CE)NO CDP
FCI-03: Software installation (CVMFS)NO CDP
FCI-04: Data management (set up SE)NO CDP
FCI-05: Set up full PanDA site (incl. DB access)NO CDP
FCI-06: Use as ATLAS production siteNO CDP
FI-01: A scientist who is trying to utilize as many resources as possibleNO CDP
GRP-01: Researcher manages membership of a project groupFULL3002018-08-24
GRP-02: Manually create a groupNONE0132017-11-15
GRP-03: Manually view or manage the configuration or membership of a groupNONE0122017-11-15
GRP-05: Invite members to a groupNONE0132017-11-15
GRP-06: Request membership in a groupNONE0132017-11-15
GRP-09: Synchronize an external groupNONE0132017-11-15
GRP-10: Automate a group's configurationNONE0122017-11-15
GRP-12: Use groups to control access within an XSEDE L1 or L2 resourcePARTIAL3102017-11-15
GRP-13: Use a group to control access within an XSEDE serviceNONE0122017-11-15
GRP-14: Use a group to control access within an external resourceNONE0122017-11-15
GRP-15: Use a group for task assignments within a staff toolNONE0112017-11-15
GRP-16: Use a group for email distributionNONE0112017-11-15
GRP-17: Drive project membership with an email messageNONE0102017-11-28
HPC-01: User (team) works with a single HPC systemFULL14002016-09-21
HPC-02: User (team) works with >1 HPC systemFULL14002016-09-21
HPC-03: User (team) runs an automated workflow engineNO CDP
HTC-01: Run a job set without dependenciesNO CDP
HTC-02: Run a job set with dependenciesPARTIAL1012018-08-31
HTC-03: Run a job set with dependencies using pilot jobsPARTIAL1012018-08-31
HTC-04: Run a job set with dependencies, on multiple resourcesPARTIAL1012018-08-31
IAAS-1: Request to use an IaaS host for researchFULL3002018-08-24
IAAS-2: Self-service acquire and use a virtual computer systemFULL1002018-08-24
IAAS-3: Self-service acquire and use a hosted storage volumeFULL1002018-08-24
IAAS-4: Request and use a virtual clusterFULL1002018-08-24
IAAS-5: Publish a virtual computer system or storage volumeFULL1002018-08-24
IAAS-6: Discover a relevant computer system or storage volumeFULL1002018-08-24
IAAS-7: Create an instance of a published computer system or storage volumeFULL1002018-08-24
IAAS-8: Dynamically acquire and manage hosted computer systems and/or storage volumesFULL1002018-08-26
IAAS-9: Reliably acquire and manage hosted computer systems and/or storage volumesNONE0012018-08-22
IDM-01: Register with XSEDEFULL3002018-08-24
IDM-02: Login to XSEDE user portal with username/passwordFULL3002017-11-22
IDM-03: Change an XSEDE user profileFULL3002018-08-24
IDM-04: Login to XSEDE user portal with a non-XSEDE identityPARTIAL3012017-11-22
IDM-05: Link or unlink a non-XSEDE identityFULL2002018-08-25
IDM-06: Login to a science gateway with an XSEDE identityPARTIAL2012018-08-25
IDM-07: Login to a locally installed application with XSEDE username/passwordPARTIAL1022018-08-25
IDM-08: Login to a locally installed application with SSH/X.509 keyNONE0012018-09-05
IDM-10: Authenticate to an XSEDE identity using WS-Trust Secure Token ServiceNO CDP
IDM-11: Use an XSEDE identity for InCommon authenticationFULL4002018-07-24
IDM-12: Single sign-on for XSEDE OpenStack resourcesPARTIAL2012018-09-05
IDM-13: Authenticate to XSEDE OpenStack APIsPARTIAL2012017-11-16
IDM-14: SSH access using XSEDE identities for educationNONE0002017-11-16
P2-01: Establish an Allocations ProcessFULL1002018-08-27
P2-02: Establish allocation review panelFULL1002018-08-27
P2-03: Add resources to allocations processFULL1002018-08-27
P2-04: Establish an allocation Submission OpportunityFULL1002018-08-27
P2-05: Submission of Allocation RequestFULL2002018-08-27
P2-06: Manage review of Submissions to an Allocations OpportunityFULL1002018-08-27
P2-07: Submission of a ReviewFULL1002018-08-27
P2-08: Award or reject allocation requestFULL1002018-08-27
P2-09: Allocation data reporting and accessPARTIAL1012018-08-27
P2-10: Customize allocation request data fieldsPARTIAL1012018-08-27
RC-01: Participate in a research discussion forumFULL1002017-11-28
RC-02: Manage usage within an allocationNONE0002017-11-30
RC-03: Install software on a resource for use by a research communityNO CDP
RC-04: Find where a specific application or service is available within the systemNO CDP
SGW-01: Science Gateway user authentication and identity managementPARTIAL2012018-08-25
SGW-02: Science Gateway community file transfersPARTIAL5112018-08-23
SGW-03: Science Gateway community execution managementNO CDP
SGW-04: Data movement between gateway users' desktops/laptops and XSEDE resourcesPARTIAL7212016-06-08
SGW-05: Science Gateways Resource Information ManagementNO CDP
SGW-06: Estimate when a submitted job is likely to be finishedFULL1002017-11-17
SPI-01: Resource integration consoleFULL1002017-03-29
SPI-02: Guided resource discoveryFULL1002017-04-07
SPI-03: View all resource informationFULL3002017-03-29
SPI-04: Access resource information from an applicationFULL1002017-02-24
SPI-05: Active account informationNONE0002017-06-06
SPI-06: Emergency account suspensionNONE0002017-05-03
SPI-07: Enable a research community to install software on a resourceNO CDP
SPI-08: Register availability of a specific application or service for useNO CDP
SW-01: Basic composite application executionNO CDP
VIS-01: Remote, Interactive Visualization (1)FULL1002018-08-31
VIS-02: Remote, Interactive Visualization (2)FULL1002018-08-31
VIS-03: Remote, Batch VisualizationFULL5002018-08-26
VIS-04: Computational SteeringFULL1002018-08-31
VIS-05: In Situ VisualizationFULL1002018-08-31
VIS-06: Visualization GatewaysFULL1002018-08-31