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Science Gateways Use Cases

Research communities use XSEDE and XSEDE resources to power their "science gateways," supporting the specialized needs of research fields, sub-fields, and joint initiatives. Science gateways are shared applications--most often web-based--that are used by groups of researchers with similar needs. Each gateway is developed and operated by one or more leaders in the research field, who applies for an XSEDE allocation to serve the community. Gateways may also help researchers with their own XSEDE allocations to use XSEDE resources by providing a more customized, user-friendly interface.


(6 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
SGW-01 Science Gateway user authentication and identity management
SGW-02 Science Gateway community file transfers
SGW-03 Science Gateway community execution management
SGW-04 Data movement between gateway users' desktops/laptops and XSEDE resources
SGW-05 Science Gateways Resource Information Management
SGW-06 Estimate when a submitted job is likely to be finished