Research Coordination Use Cases

Beyond supporting individual research projects, the research community can also serve as a gathering point for researchers who share common research topics or methods. The use cases in this area describe how researchers can organize themselves as research communities and coordinate their activities for the greater good.


(10 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
RC-01 Participate in a research discussion forum
RC-02 Manage usage within an allocation
RC-03 Install software on a resource for use by a research community
RC-04 Find where a specific application or service is available within the system
RC-05 Request a software installation
RC-06 Find a software container that will help set up a specific runtime environment
RC-07 Use a container to create a specific runtime environment on a resource
RC-08 Access a repository of files from a compute resource administered by a service provider
RC-09 Access a repository of files from a cloud resource administered by the researcher
RC-10 Create or modify the contents of a repository that will be accessed on many resources