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Group Management Use Cases

These use cases describe how XSEDE users, staff, and partners create and manage groups of registered users for various purposes. In its simplest form, a group is a list of people, maintained for some ongoing purpose. Groups can be used to coordinate research teams (e.g., authorizing use of a specific XSEDE allocation), for communication (e.g., managing an email list), or for project management (e.g., task assignments). More generally, groups can be used as a basis for authorization decisions by services that use the XSEDE identity platform. (See identity management use cases IDM-* and system functions CAN-6 and CAN-9.)


(13 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
GRP-01 Researcher manages membership of a project group
GRP-02 Manually create a group
GRP-03 Manually view or manage the configuration or membership of a group
GRP-05 Invite members to a group
GRP-06 Request membership in a group
GRP-09 Synchronize an external group
GRP-10 Automate a group's configuration
GRP-12 Use groups to control access within an XSEDE L1 or L2 resource
GRP-13 Use a group to control access within an XSEDE service
GRP-14 Use a group to control access within an external resource
GRP-15 Use a group for task assignments within a staff tool
GRP-16 Use a group for email distribution
GRP-17 Drive project membership with an email message