Federation and Interoperability Use Cases

These use cases describe how scientific projects make use of resources from more than one public research computing community, and how a given community can support such projects. A public research computing community is an organized set of resources and processes that work together coherently to serve the needs of a community of researchers. Many such communities exist worldwide, such as XSEDE and PRACE. Each community has computing resources (e.g., an HPC cluster or an archival storage service) and a set of services that add value to the community’s resources (e.g., a community login service or a user support service).

Although each use case describes an activity that uses resources from multiple communities, the use cases themselves are written from the point of view of a single community. The goal is to express what a single community must offer to support the activity.


(4 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
FI-01 Conduct a high-throughput computing project using resources from multiple communities
FI-02 Supply an organization’s research information technology information to an aggregation service
FI-03 Build a research information technology discovery service that lists services from multiple organizations
FI-04 Discover research information technology offered by multiple organizations