Enabling Functions Use Cases

These are the central, enabling functions provided by the XSEDE system. They provide the framework for satisfying most--if not all--of XSEDE's user-facing use cases.

The user-facing use cases (all use cases not in this category) describe what people expect to do with the XSEDE system. (Each user-facing use case emphasizes the issues of particular importance to a specific research purpose.) These "canonical" use cases describe the basic functions that the system must provide in order to satisfy all of those expectations.


(11 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
CAN-01 Run a Remote Job
CAN-02 Managed File Transfer
CAN-03 Remote File Access
CAN-04 Interactive Login
CAN-05 Record and summarize the use of a service
CAN-06 Authenticate with an application
CAN-07 Subscribe to Resource Information
CAN-08 Search for Resource Information
CAN-09 User Management
CAN-11 Publish Resource Information
CAN-12 Update Resource Information