Data Management Use Cases

These use cases describe how researchers manage collections of data for shared use or for their own re-use over time. The use cases range from a single research project managing and organizing its own data, to several related projects using each other's data, or to data being prepared for future use in applications that haven't been imagined yet.


(15 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
DM-01 Create and share a data collection
DM-02 Coordinated computing with a shared data collection
DM-03 Automate data ingestion from a set of sensors or instruments
DM-04 Migrate data to a new resource
DM-05 Manually create metadata for a data object
DM-06 Run a researcher-supplied tool to generate metadata for data objects
DM-07 Automatically extract metadata from data objects
DM-08 Store metadata for later use
DM-09 Search metadata for specific objects of interest
DM-10 Add metadata search features to an application
DM-11 Post-allocation data access
DM-12 Large-scale data transfer
DM-13 Small-scale data transfer
DM-14 Scrape public websites to gather data
DM-15 Transfer data between a researcher's cloud storage and a community storage system