Allocation Management Use Cases

The use cases in this area describe how access to specific XSEDE resources is managed, including: the project proposal process, the proposal review process, and the process of allocating XSEDE resources to specific projects.

One of XSEDE's central missions is to facilitate the use of the most powerful public computers in the United States. These computers are powerful, but the demand to use them is larger than the capacity they offer. The scientific community must assign access to these resources based on national priorities. The allocation system described in these use cases is an important part of the overall XSEDE system. A central allocation system--one that researchers can use to request access to many resources--is important to ensure the easiest access by researchers.


(10 use cases)
Use Case ID Title Use Case Description
P2-01 Establish an Allocations Process
P2-02 Establish allocation review panel
P2-03 Add resources to allocations process
P2-04 Establish an allocation Submission Opportunity
P2-05 Submission of Allocation Request
P2-06 Manage review of Submissions to an Allocations Opportunity
P2-07 Submission of a Review
P2-08 Award or reject allocation request
P2-09 Allocation data reporting and access
P2-10 Customize allocation request data fields