REVIEW-54: XCI-43 XSEDE-UIUC/campus infrastructure information services federation pilot - Test Readiness Review


XCI-43 enables UIUC to publish information about their local resources to XSEDE's information services so that they can be discovered by campus users. This testing effort will verify the query interface to the UIUC data.

Review Summary

(Susan) does not load with any content

Developer fixed by modifying test to go to

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Review Criteria

  • Test plan is clear and understandable


Current Date: 2024-06-21
Current Status: Closed (Test Readiness Review)
Target Date Actual Date Activity Milestone
  2018-03-16 Review launch date
2018-03-22 Written feedback due (Reviewers)
2018-03-23 2018-04-03 Written response date (Review Material Developers)
2018-03-26 2018-04-03 Final approval due and completion date (Reviewers)
Review Created: 2018-03-15 9:11 pm
Review Last Updated: 2019-05-28 12:56 am



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  • Susan Litzinger
    SIGNED: 2018-03-20 10:53
  • Shava Smallen
    SIGNED: 2018-03-16 09:38

Review Material Developers

John-Paul Navarro

Review Facilitator

Shava Smallen


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