REVIEW-39: XCI-17 Upgrade GSI-OpenSSH in preparation for OpenSSL 1.1 - Design and Security Review


Review the design and security elements of an upgrade GSI OpenSSH that prepares XSEDE for OpenSSL 1.1

Review Summary

Clarified questions:

  • OpenSSH is not compatible (yet) with OpenSSL 1.1.x, so we will not build/test against OpenSSL 1.1.x
  • We are only using distro-maintained OpenSSL
  • We will release other Globus packages that have the same set of dependencies as this GSI OpenSSH

Revised design elements:

  • We will build from OpenSSH 7.3p1, or OpenSSH 7.4p1 if HPN and ISSHD (NERSCmode) patches are available

Review Input Documents

GSiOpenSSH Design/Security Description:

Review Criteria

Criteria 1: Package versions

  • Do the new version of base OpenSSH, HPN, or NERSCmod introduce any risks that need to be mitigated?

Criteria 2: Compatibility

  • Will the OpenSSL 1.1.x transition support interoperate as required with older and newer version of (GSI) OpenSSH?

Criteria 3: Usage scenarios

  • Are the following server, client, and hub login scenarios supported as required?
    • Scenario 1: User logs into SP from SSO Hub
    • Scenario 2: User logs into SP from another SP
    • Scenario 3: Expert user logs into SP from own machine


Current Date: 2024-07-15
Current Status: Closed (Design and Security Review)
Target Date Actual Date Activity Milestone
  2017-01-05 Review launch date
2017-01-13 2017-01-18 Written feedback due (Reviewers)
2017-01-17 2017-01-18 Written response date (Review Material Developers)
2017-01-20 2017-01-18 Final approval due and completion date (Reviewers)
Review Created: 2017-01-05 1:09 pm
Review Last Updated: 2017-01-18 11:58 am



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  • John-Paul Navarro
    SIGNED: 2017-01-18 14:55
  • Scott Sakai
    SIGNED: 2017-01-14 16:44


  • Victor Hazlewood
  • Lee Liming
    SIGNED: 2017-01-11 13:54
  • Jim Marsteller
  • Derek Simmel
    SIGNED: 2017-01-06 12:06
  • Adam Slagell
  • Shava Smallen
    SIGNED: 2017-01-13 10:53

Review Facilitator

John-Paul Navarro


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