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Description (Source API)(More)

Resource: bridges.psc.xsede.orgPSC Regular Memory (Bridges)
Site: psc.xsede.orgPittsburgh Supercomputing Center
XCDB Resource: bridges.psc.xsede
SP Level: XSEDE Level 1

Status (Source API)

Overall (Some published information is old or missing (2 of 4))
Production (In "production" starting 2016-01-01 until 2020-11-30)
Reporting (Some published information is old or missing (2 of 4))
Monitoring (93% pass; 7 of 102 tests failing)

Outages (Source API)

No recent, current, or planned outages.

Reporting (Source API)

TopicProcessing StartProcessing EndProcessing Code
glue2.applications2019/01/14 15:20 EST2019/01/14 15:20 EST0
glue2.compute2019/01/14 15:31 EST2019/01/14 15:31 EST0
glue2.services2019/01/14 15:31 EST2019/01/14 15:31 EST0
inca2019/04/18 21:14 EDT2019/04/18 21:14 EDT0

Available Services (Source API)

No data returned for this resource.