SP Resource - Software Integration Status (gordon.sdsc.xsede.org)

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NameCategoryXSEDE Level 1XSEDE Level 2XSEDE Level 3VendorVendor URLDeployment PlanInstall GuideUser GuideSDSC Gordon 10/28/16
1. Grid Community Toolkit ClientGrid Software
2. Information Publishing Framework (IPF)Information Services
3. Resource Description Repository (RDR)Information Services
4. AMIEAccounting and Account Management
5. Common User Environment (CUE)XSEDE Environment
6. Globus Toolkit GSISSH Setup on SSO HubGrid Software
7. Grid Community Toolkit GridFTP ServiceGrid Software
8. Grid Community Toolkit GSI OpenSSH ServiceGrid Software
9. IncaVerification and Validation
10. Local Resource ManagementVarious
11. ModulesXSEDE Environment
12. XSEDE Allocation Usage Lookup (xdusage)Accounting and Account Management
13. XSEDE CA Certificate InstallerGrid Software
14. XSEDE Resource ID (xdresourceid)Information Services
15. Community Software AreaXSEDE Environment
16. Data Transfer LoggingData Transfer
17. Globus SharingData Transfer
18. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with DuoAuthentication
19. XSEDE Web SSOAuthentication
20. xsede-oauth-mapfileData Transfer