SP Resource - Step Integration Status

Pass = Pass, Tentative Pass = Tentative Pass, Fail = Fail, NA = Not Applicable, (*) asterisk in column header indicates a resource exit review

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Integration ItemXSEDE Division/GroupContactUD DARWIN Compute Nodes (DARWIN) 9/16/21PSC Bridges-2 Regular Memory (Bridges-2 RM) 4/23/21IU/TACC (Jetstream) 7/13/20Open Science Grid (OSG) 7/13/20PSC Bridges 7/13/20SDSC Dell Cluster with Intel Haswell Processors (Comet) 7/13/20TACC Dell/Intel Knights Landing, Skylake System (Stampede2) 7/13/20LSU SuperMIC 9/30/19*TACC Wrangler 9/30/19*IU/TACC (Jetstream) 5/6/19Open Science Grid (OSG) 5/6/19PSC Bridges 5/6/19SDSC Dell Cluster with Intel Haswell Processors (Comet) 5/6/19TACC Dell/Intel Knights Landing, Skylake System (Stampede2) 11/1/18Stanford XStream 9/30/18*TACC Maverick 3/31/18*TACC Maverick 2/23/18TACC Wrangler 2/23/18Stanford XStream 2/22/18IU/TACC (Jetstream) 2/14/18PSC Bridges 2/14/18SDSC Dell Cluster with Intel Haswell Processors (Comet) 2/14/18Open Science Grid (OSG) 2/13/18LSU SuperMIC 2/9/18TACC Dell/Intel Knights Landing, Skylake System (Stampede2) 6/13/17Open Science Grid (OSG) 11/4/16SDSC Dell Cluster with Intel Haswell Processors (Comet) 10/28/16SDSC Gordon 10/28/16Stanford XStream 10/26/16IU/TACC (Jetstream) 10/24/16TACC Wrangler 10/21/16PSC Bridges 9/7/16TACC Stampede 2/23/16LSU SuperMIC 10/30/15
1. SP CoordinatorXCI-XCRITabitha Samuel
2. Allocations Process IntegrationRAS-APP (Allocations)Ken Hackworth
3. XRAS Allocations IntegrationRAS-AAAM (Accounting)Nathan Tolbert
4. XSEDEnet integration (I2-AL2S)Operations-Data Transfer ServicesDavid Wheeler
5. Ticket System IntegrationOperations-XOCGary Rogers
6. Software and Services*See the Software and Services Summary TableTabitha Samuel
7. Portal Integration*CEE-UII, XCI-XCRIMaytal Dahan, Tabitha Samuel
8. ECSS Coordination/ManagementECSSBob Sinkovits, Phil Blood
9. User Guide on XSEDE Website*CEE-UIMaytal Dahan
10. Media Communications CoordinationProject Officeer@xsede.org
11. Working Group and Mailing List ParticipationOperations, RAS, XCITabitha Samuel
12. System Specific Education and TrainingCEE & ECSSSusan Mehringer
13. SP Forum ParticipationSP ForumTabitha Samuel
14. FeedbackXCITabitha Samuel