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Desktop Replacement Program

Affiliation: UIUC

Provider: Engineering IT

Type: Consulting And Support

Description: The Desktop Replacement Program is an initiative by Engineering IT Shared Services to provide all College of Engineering units with standardized, up-to-date computer. Through an annual bulk purchase of computers and displays for the entire College, Engineering IT is able to provide units with higher quality desktops at a lower cost than is available through smaller purchases. 1.Enrolled users will be provided with a standard computer with a basic keyboard and mouse. Specialized input devices such as wireless keyboards and mice are not included but may be purchased by the unit or individual.A unit may choose either up to two basic displays, or a single extra-large display. 2.Engineering IT will handle purchasing, receiving, and distribution for computers and monitors. Setup of computers will be done under the Standard IT Support service. 3.Engineering IT will install and maintain systems during their lifecycle. All enrolled computers are replaced on a four year cycle, and enrolled monitors are replaced on an eight year cycle. The replacement cycles are managed by Engineering IT. 4.Any computer or monitor that fails before its scheduled replacement date will be replaced within one business day at no additional cost. 5.Units may choose to enroll new users in the program mid-year (e.g. a new staff position) and a computer and monitor(s) will be provided on their start date with three (3) days prior notice.

Keywords: systems, support

Quality Level: production