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Advanced Meteor: Powerful Reactive Applications with Full-Stack JavaScript (2015)

Affiliation: UIUC


Type: Streaming Resource

Description: Note: Advanced Meteor: Powerful Reactive Applications with Full-Stack JavaScript was created by Packt Publishing. It was originally released on 11/30/15. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

Meteor enables end-to-end client and server-side web application development entirely in JavaScript. Its reactive approach makes Meteor a good choice for real-time applications, and the platform provides an excellent option for deployment to mobile. This course gets right under the hood of the Meteor platform, demonstrating how to take advantage of its powerful development engine to build exciting reactive applications.

George Mcknight starts by carefully designing an application structure and building a single-page layout with multipage routing and authentication. Then he reviews the database data, and looks at how to work with subscriptions and queries. George also dives into the options for templating, with a look at dynamic Blaze templates and the Spacebars templating language. Learn about event handling and then find out how to test your application using Cucumber and Jasmine. After that, George deploys the application locally on the Meteor server, and then to Amazon to set it up for frequent updates and hot code deployment. Finally, you'll learn how to work with third-party integrations and set up REST endpoints to interact with other external services such as PayPal.

Quality Level: production