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Graduate College Data and Databases

Affiliation: UIUC

Provider: Graduate College

Type: Consulting And Support

Description: Data Campus Reporting Applications shows how to access standard campus data reports from EDDIE and ViewDirect. Doctoral Recipient Placement Data allows units to track placement of their doctoral students after graduation. (Login required. Access restricted to Disciplinary Deans, Executive Officers, Directors of Graduate Study and Graduate Program Contacts. A tutorial is available.) Graduate Program Facts and Figures gives links to many types of campus and national graduate education data including enrollments, degree completion and student financial support. Program Profiles (Login required. Access restricted to Directors of Graduate Study and Graduate Program Contacts. Additional access available upon request to Program Profiles Training (PDF) Post-Graduation Plans for Illinois Doctorates as Reported on the Survey of Earned Doctorates in 2001-2006 Databases Assistantship Clearinghouse The Assistantship Clearinghouse allows staff to list current graduate assistantship opportunities for graduate students. Doctoral Committee Participation History Review history of faculty participation on Illinois doctoral committees (back to 1994, depending on the unit) Fellowship Opportunities for Students Fellowship opportunities for Graduate Students compiled by the Fellowship Office. GARDS Database of Graduate Applicants Obtain lists and profiles of applicants, and export files of applicant information. Graduate Faculty Database Search for members, departments, and addresses. Also, send in updates for the information within the databases. Thesis Deposit Check Search and report on masters and doctoral thesis deposit information. Access restricted to Directors of Graduate Study, Graduate Program Contacts, and Convocation Coordinators.

Quality Level: production