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2019 Tom Phillips Lecture presents Dr. Cathy Whitlock, Montana State University

Type: Event

Description: About Tom Phillips Dr. Tom Phillips, former University of Illinois Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology and Geology, isrecognized internationally for his visionary research on the evolution of land plants and theecology of plant communities from the Devonian through the Pennsylvanian Periods. By integratingAmerican and European fossil collections, he established the evolutionary trajectory of fernsand their relatives spanning 35 million years. Dr. Phillips' pioneering research also revealed theecological relationships of ancient plant communities - what actually grew in the swamps of theCarboniferous Period and how plants and insects interacted. His numerous published papers in biological and geological journals have deeply influenced the scholarly community. In recognitionof his many contributions, the Department of Plant Biology and Department of Geologyhave established the annual Phillips Lecture in Paleoscience.

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