Rating and Prioritization Assessments

Rating and prioritization capabilities are under development. We plan to allow more flexible assessments of software and service components in the future.

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Title Components Assessed Assessed By Assessment Measures Assessment Start Date Assessment End Datesort ascending
XSEDE Globus Connect Server (GCS) v5.4 Globus Connect Server, xsede-oauth-mapfile Prioritization Team satisfaction May 13, 2021 Dec 31, 2021
December 2020 Use Cases and Capability Delivery Plans CAN-04, DA-07, HPC-05, HPC-06, HPC-07, SPI-17, SPI-18, SW-03, TS-04 Prioritization Team priority Nov 25, 2020 Dec 23, 2020
November 2019 Use Cases & Capability Delivery Plans DM-13, IAAS-11, IDM-16, RC-07, RC-08, RC-09, RC-10, SPI-09, SPI-10, SPI-11, SPI-12 Prioritization Team priority Oct 28, 2019 Dec 15, 2019
January 2019 Use Cases & Capability Delivery Plans CB-13, CB-14, CB-15, DM-05, DM-06, DM-07, DM-08, DM-09, DM-10, DM-11, RC-03, RC-04, SPI-07, SPI-08 Prioritization Team priority Jan 9, 2019 Jan 31, 2019
Fall 2017 Use Cases and Capability Delivery Plans GRP-02, GRP-03, GRP-05, GRP-06, GRP-09, GRP-10, GRP-14, GRP-15, GRP-16, GRP-17, IDM-13, IDM-14, RC-02, SPI-02, SPI-05, SPI-06 Prioritization Team priority Nov 30, 2017 Jan 13, 2018
Fall 2016 Requested Use Cases CB-08, CI-01, CI-02, CI-03, GRP-01, IAAS-08, IAAS-09, IDM-03, IDM-11, IDM-12, IDM-13, SPI-01, SPI-03, SPI-04 Prioritization Team priority Nov 17, 2016 Jan 21, 2017
Fall 2016 Capability Delivery Plans CAN-09, DA-01, DA-02, HPC-02, SGW-01, SGW-04 Prioritization Team priority Nov 21, 2016 Jan 21, 2017