XSEDE Capability Delivery Plan for "VIS-02: Remote, Interactive Visualization (2)"

Use Case VIS-02: Visualize research data using streaming geometry data

Area: Scientific Data
URLs: Public, Review

Executive Summary: A researcher needs to visualize a specific set of research data using an application running on a remote visualization resource. The application provides geometry streaming and the geometry is rendered on a local display.

First CDP: 2018-08-31
Current CDP: 2018-08-31
Current Implementation Status: 
Time & Effort Summary: 

No effort or changes are proposed at this time.

Significant Revisions:
  • 2018-08-31 12:19 (current revision)
This capability is currently supported by the following 1 components:
Component User facing? Component’s role in the capability
Service Provider Interactive Visualization Resources (IVR) yes XSEDE's Interactive visualization resources (IVRs) support this use case. Each IVR is unique, so users must rely on the specific resource's documentation for details of how the system should be used.