IU/TACC Jetstream, Software and Services* Status

  • Information Services: There is an RDR entry for Jestream
  • AMIE: The AMIE service for Jetstream is operational and exists at TACC 
  • Software list: there is a Software list under Images on the Jetstream Atmosphere interface; will request work with XCRI to get that list published on XSEDE software list
  • Victor to contact XCRI and determine a Software and Services checklist for Jetstream.  The normal SP software and service checklist does not apply for this cloud resource.
  • This is the same for the following items: CUE, INCA, GridFTP, GSISSHD, Globus Toolkit, xdusage, module, and xdresourceid.
  • Victor to ask should VM be created that could provide the environment with all these capabilities or not