OSG, Software and Services* Status

Resource Review: 

Information Services: Information Publishing Framework and RDR both set up
Provides Common User Environment, module load cue-login-env, checked "env | grep CUE" 
Participates in INCA (inca.xsede.org)
Participates in AMIE, double-checked with XRAS team
Gridftp, 6.0-3 installed (see "rpm -qa | grep globus" output)
GSISSHD, logged in from SSO hub login.xsede.org and gsissh client installed (/usr/bin/gsissh)
Globus Toolkit rpms installed (see "rpm -qa | grep globus" output)
xdusage, cuse module load xdusage; tested xdusage command
module, tested "module avail"
xdresourceid, passed, found xdresourceid in path