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Sep 9, 2020
XSEDE provides Service Providers "SPs" the software that integrates resources into the XSEDE federation. To address evolving SP needs XSEDE has added a new CentOS 8 RPM/YUM repository to the list of distributions it now supports: DISTRIBUTION Architecture CentOS 7... more
Jun 29, 2020
The Information Publishing Framework (IPF) enables XSEDE Service Providers to programmatically publish information about the software and services available to users of their resources. Version 1.5 of IPF is based on Python 3, enables filtering of SLURM jobs for partitioned resources, and enables... more
Jun 4, 2020
A security update of the Information Publishing Framework package v1.4-4 is now available for Service Providers.  This version updates the ca_certs.pem file used to authenticate to the pub/sub service due to the recent expiration and replacement of key certificate authority certificates.  There are... more
May 13, 2020
XSEDE's InCommon Identity Provider (IdP) allows XSEDE users to sign in to web sites that are part of the InCommon Federation (for example, GENI and ORCID) using their XSEDE accounts. This capability is especially useful for users who do not have an existing InCommon IdP provided by... more
Apr 28, 2020
An updated version of the XSEDE Web SSO for Application Developers guide is now available that includes a new section on how applications can access and use a user's affiliated institution.  An application may want to use affiliated institution information to either customize the user's experience... more
Apr 27, 2020
Users normally use campus specific credentials to ssh login to campus resources, and XSEDE credentials to ssh login to XSEDE resources. A new feature from XSEDE now makes it possible for users to use one set of credentials, their XSEDE username, password, and a 2nd factor, to securely ssh to... more
Apr 9, 2020
New XSEDE Data Analysis documentation introduces users to data preparation and analysis resources by: Listing data analytics computational resources, software, and services and related user guides Providing information on moving data and managing data integrity Describing how to request normal... more
Mar 20, 2020
XSEDE CRI is providing support to Bentley University on using their local campus cluster, built with the XSEDE-Compatible Basic Cluster, for efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. CRI is working remotely with Bentley to enable protein-folding research that will support research on the novel... more
Feb 26, 2020
XSEDE Information Services APIs enable XSEDE users, developers, and services to access public information about compute/cloud/storage resources, software, network services, and other types of XSEDE resources. A new set of secure APIs now enable authenticated access to non-public information like... more
Jan 31, 2020
The ECSS and XCI teams launched a new Expanding XSEDE Software Capabilities through Community Collaboration initiative which invites software developers and services operators to collaborate with XSEDE to make their software and services more readily available to XSEDE users. The launch involved ... more