XSEDE interactive login authentication now available to XSEDE affiliated campus centers and users (L2 & L3)

Apr 27, 2020

Users normally use campus specific credentials to ssh login to campus resources, and XSEDE credentials to ssh login to XSEDE resources. A new feature from XSEDE now makes it possible for users to use one set of credentials, their XSEDE username, password, and a 2nd factor, to securely ssh to multiple campus HPC resources as well as XSEDE allocated resources. This simplifies the login process for users and enables campuses to leverage XSEDE’s authentication and login services including two-factor.

To use this feature XSEDE affiliated campus research centers (XSEDE Level 2 and Level 3 Service Provider) can establish a new type of XSEDE “login allocation” which they  use to grant login access to their HPC resources through XSEDE’s SSO hub (login.xsede.org). Authentication between the SSO hub and campus resources is transparent to the user and doesn’t require any additional security credentials. To use this feature a campus HPC resource does not have to be compute allocated through XSEDE.

For more information, please see the Campus Cluster Login using XSEDE SSO documentation.