XSEDE begins roll-out of Globus Connect Server 5.4 services

Jul 12, 2021

XSEDE has approved Globus Connect Server 5.4 for use by XSEDE service providers. Globus Connect Server is the software that connects an HPC storage system to the Globus data management service. Globus is used to transfer data between XSEDE compute and storage resources and researchers’ personal and campus systems. Globus Connect Server 5.4 is the latest version of this software.

Globus Connect Server 5.4 adds features for XSEDE researchers and XSEDE science gateway developers, including browser-only uploads and downloads for small to medium-sized files, guest collections that you can use to give your research partners limited permission to inspect your data or code or to upload contributions, and an improved interface for science gateways.

Availability on specific XSEDE resources will be announced as the roll-out proceeds.  SPs looking to deploy Globus Connect Server 5.4, can review the deployment plan here.

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