XSEDE’s InCommon Identity Provider Updated to Shibboleth IdP V4

Nov 23, 2020

XSEDE's InCommon Identity Provider (IdP) idp.xsede.org allows XSEDE users to sign in to web sites that are part of the ​InCommon Federation​ (for example, ​GENI​ and ​ORCID​) using their XSEDE accounts. This capability is especially useful for users who do not have an existing InCommon IdP provided by their home institution.

XSEDE staff have updated idp.xsede.org to use the currently supported Shibboleth Docker container from the InCommon Trusted Access Platform and have migrated idp.xsede.org to AWS. This updates idp.xsede.org from Shibboleth IdP V3 to Shibboleth IdP V4.  The V4 update is primarily an administrative upgrade and does not change the end-user experience. 

Please contact ​help@xsede.org​ if you have any questions about idp.xsede.org.