Share your research computing needs on the Research Software Portal

Jul 10, 2019

Have you ever thought, "I really wish I could _____ when using this system?" That idea is a "user story," and it's the starting point for a new system feature. Sharing these ideas for new features is now easier to do, thanks to the Research Software Portal (RSP). The "Describe a User Story" page on the portal (part of the Community Needs section) lets you enter a brief statement describing something you'd like to be able to do when using research computing services. The idea could be about XSEDE, the RSP, your personal research process, or research computing in general.

Ideas shared here (after being filtered for SPAM) become available to the international research community through the RSP and its Use Case Registry. Service Providers, campus IT providers, XSEDE managers, application developers, and others can browse these ideas to find ways to improve their services and contribute to the research community.

If you have an idea for something that would make your work with research computing easier, visit the Community Needs section of the RSP and let us know!

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