Results of the November 2019 UREP review are available

Dec 19, 2019

Results from the XSEDE User Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization (UREP)'s November 2019 review of use case priorities are posted on the Research Software Portal. (Results from previous reviews are also available.) The UREP periodically reviews newly proposed capabilities (aka use cases) for the XSEDE system and provides prioritization guidance. The UREP is a body of around thirty individuals, with roughly 1/3 research representatives, 1/3 service provider representatives, and 1/3 campus champions.  The capabilities included in each review were proposed by XSEDE stakeholders and documented by the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) area. Results from each review are used by the XCI area to guide effort toward implementing the proposed capabilities. While some may be possible with only XCI work, most will be pursued as partnerships with other XSEDE areas or with projects beyond XSEDE itself. Keep an eye on XSEDE's news channels for announcements of new capabilities throughout the year!