New XSEDE federated resource status console

Jan 31, 2017

XSEDE 2 proposed the XSEDE Community Software Repository (XCSR) service and tool that enables the national research community to connect resources, software, and services into the broader cyberinfrastructure ecosystem.

Today we introduce a new XCSR feature providing a set of central web console showing comprehensive operational resource status information for XSEDE integrated allocated resources and unallocated campus resources. The operational resource console combines both declared status and monitored status, where: declared status includes whether a resource is considered to be pre-production, production, post production, or in some other state, and if there are any announced outages; and monitored status includes whether XSEDE's testing/verification functions have detected operatorional software and services issues, or whether dynamically published software, services, batch queues, and running jobs information is up-to-date.