New xdusage and gateway_submit_attributes with more secure XSEDE central database access ready for deployment

Feb 27, 2017

The XSEDE Central Database "XDCDB" stores job and resource allocation information for XSEDE users.  To enhance XDCDB security we've introduced a new REST API that replaces less secure direct database connections. Two software tools were upgraded to use the new XDCDB REST API: the xdusage tool which provides users the ability to lookup allocation information from the command line and the gateway_submit_attributes tool which enables science gateways to report the gateway user submitting a job under a science gateway community account.  

The deployment plans are now available below:

All Service Providers should implement the new version of xdusage by April 28th.  Service Providers that support Science Gateways should upgrade to the new version of gateway_submit_attributes also by April 28th.

More information about these tools is available on the xdusage and gateway_submit_attributes user documentation pages.