New secure Information Services APIs enable access to user specific information

Feb 26, 2020

XSEDE Information Services APIs enable XSEDE users, developers, and services to access public information about compute/cloud/storage resources, software, network services, and other types of XSEDE resources. A new set of secure APIs now enable authenticated access to non-public information like user batch jobs and XSEDE users names, e-mail addresses, and institutions. API authentication is based on the same OAuth web standards and related technologies used by Google, ORCID, Facebook, Auth0, and many other internet technology companies. To access this non-public information the user must authenticate to XSEDE and grant the applications they are using access to their batch job or user information.

Developers interested in using these APIs in their portals, gateways, Jupiter Hubs, or other applications can learn more from developer documentation here.

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