New Research Software Portal (RSP) available

Apr 29, 2019

Twenty-first century discovery relies heavily on an increasingly complex collection of hardware and software cyberinfrastructure.

The new Research Software Portal (RSP) from the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) team aims to help research software users (researchers, educators, students, application developers), research software developers, and the research computing administrators, whether affiliated with XSEDE or not, to work together efficiently by sharing software related requirements, plans, delivery status, and information about software available in any form:

  • For research software users, it offers features for discovering research software, for providing feedback, and for explaining research needs.
  • For research software developers, it offers a registry of research needs, features for advertising software to prospective users and for receiving design and implementation feedback.
  • For research computing providers, it offers the registry of research needs, features for discovering research software, features for advertising the available software and services at a computing facility, and features for coordinating with other research computing facilities.

For additional details about the RSP please visit:

The Research Software Portal (RSP) is available immediately at:

-- XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) Team


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