New Community Infrastructure use cases published

Aug 23, 2018

XSEDE has published a second major version of its Community Infrastructure use cases. These use cases describe how XSEDE supports "community infrastructure" for research and science. The XSEDE system is explicitly intended to be open and extensible. Unlike a stand-alone system, XSEDE is a framework for delivering research services and applications. In order to participate in this framework, community members (application developers, service providers, campus IT administrators) must be able to access details about the system’s design, implementation status, and the driving user needs. The 2.0 version of these use cases detail a series of specific community needs that enable  participation in the development of the XSEDE system. For example, use case CI-06 describes how community members rate the priority of community needs and the quality of specific contributions. Use case CI-09 describes how community members discover and inspect the system capabilities currently undergoing development or improvement. XSEDE currently supports these needs via the Community Software Repository (CSR), XSEDE's Subversion (SVN) repository, and its JIRA activity tracking system, each of which provides a window into the XSEDE system's inner workings.