Improved GSI-OpenSSH package now available

Sep 19, 2017

GSI-OpenSSH is a modified version of OpenSSH that adds support for GSI authentication and credential forwarding (delegation), providing a single sign-on remote login and file transfer service. GSI-OpenSSH also includes High Performance Networking (HPN) updates for OpenSSH from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, iSSHD/NERSCmod (run-time disabled by default), and TCP wrapper support.  A new  GSI-OpenSSH version 7.5p1b  is now available that is compatible with OpenSSL 1.1 and includes security updates.  The GSI-OpenSSH 7.5p1b deployment plan is available at:

All SPs are  asked to deploy this GSI-OpenSSH 7.5p1b by 10/31/2017.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Per many older versions are vulnerable to multiple security issues. Also older GSI-OpenSSH releases don’t support peers using newer OpenSSL 1.1. Hence, it’s imperative and strongly encouraged that all XSEDE GSI-OpenSSH SPs upgrade to this new GSI-OpenSSH release 7.5p1b.