Guest collections allow XSEDE researchers to share work on XSEDE with colleagues

Mar 4, 2022

As Globus Connect Server 5.4 is deployed on XSEDE systems, researchers using XSEDE resources can now permit research partners to access their data on XSEDE systems, speeding collaborative research and facilitating review and inspection of research results.

Until now, researchers could only share access to their XSEDE research by making copies of the data on their own systems, by giving partners unrestricted access to their XSEDE projects, or through special arrangement with the service provider. Now, Globus’s sharing feature (also known as guest collections) enables researchers to extend limited viewing rights to research partners, or permit partners to upload data to an inbox. This is file sharing (similar to Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive) that works with the data storage on XSEDE resources at very large scales.

More information is available in the XSEDE User Portal's Data Management section. The sharing feature is currently available on Purdue's Anvil and SDSC's Expanse systems, and will be available on other systems as XSEDE’s Globus Connect Server 5.4 rollout continues.

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