Explore your XSEDE Web SSO ID

Jul 18, 2018

XSEDE's Cyberinfrastructure Integration team (XCI) has provided a new debugging tool for XSEDE's Web Single Sign-on (Web SSO) feature.

XSEDE Web applications--including the XSEDE User Portal (XUP)--use the Web SSO feature to enable users to login using their XSEDE username and password, their campus login systems, or other login systems such as Google or ORCID. Anyone who hasn't already registered with XSEDE is guided to the XSEDE user portal to register.

The new debugging tool, named XSEDE Globus ID Explorer, allows anyone to login via XSEDE Web SSO, and then view the data returned by the Web SSO service. A simple interface allows users to manage their linked identities and manage the permissions they've granted to specific applications.

The data provided by this tool can help users and support staff resolve login issues with other applications that use the XSEDE Web SSO feature.

Please submit problems, questions, or suggestions about this tool to help@xsede.org.