Expanding XSEDE Software Capabilities through Community Collaboration

Jan 31, 2020

The ECSS and XCI teams launched a new Expanding XSEDE Software Capabilities through Community Collaboration initiative which invites software developers and services operators to collaborate with XSEDE to make their software and services more readily available to XSEDE users.

The launch involved publishing an informational web page for potential collaborators, and reaching out to four XSEDE letter-of-collaboration recipients inviting them to participate. Two of the four invitees responded in short order and held initial exploratory meetings with ECSS and XCI.

For the next phase of the initiative we are considering reaching out to XSEDE Service Provider forum members with un-allocated (level 3) resources and to campuses that have participated in XSEDE's Campus Bridging program.

All research software and service providers that would like to explore a collaboration are invited to reach out to ECSS and XCI as described in the informational web page.


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