XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration partners with NSF Aristotle project

XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration (CRI) team will work together with staff from the NSF-funded Aristotle Federated Cloud project to produce a toolkit for campus OpenStack implementations.  The toolkit will include information on how to set up OpenStack, leverage Globus Authentication for federated authentication, and participate in the Aristotle federation or build separate federations of campus cloud resources as campus CI professionals desire.  For more information on the CRI OpenStack toolkit, contact

Capabilities and Resource Integration to provide OpenHPC toolkit

XSEDE CRI creates toolkits for campus cyberinfrastructure providers to use on infrastructure (from laptops to clusters).  Currently CRI tools work on 100 Teraflops of resources on 91 systems.  In 2017, CRI will provide a new toolkit based on OpenHPC for cluster installation and management.  OpenHPC will allow a more flexible and maintainable cluster.  Discussions are underway with two different campuses to support implementations and we hope to bring OpenHPC to more.  For details about a site visit or support on toolkits, contact us at

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