Public survey: The Role of SSH in Campus and National Computing Services

Remote terminal login using telnet or the more secure SSH have been widely used for over 30 years. The web is enabling science gateways, web portals, and tools like JupyterHub, CyVerse, and OnDemand, to offer more user friendly and modern ways to access remote resources.

Due to changes in vendor support for XSEDE's GSI OpenSSH software and the growing availability of newer technologies, XSEDE is looking for broad input from users, developers, and cyberinfrastructure support staff of campus and national computing services (like XSEDE) to participate in an SSH needs survey.

XSEDE response to the Globus Toolkit end-of-support announcement

The Globus team at the University of Chicago stopped development of the Globus Toolkit at the end of 2017 and plans to stop providing security patches by the end of 2018 [1].   XSEDE uses Globus Toolkit components in day-to-day operations.  Note, the Globus announcement does not affect XSEDE’s use of Globus file transfer and sharing cloud service (SaaS), Globus Auth identity and access management service, or the Globus Connect products.

XSEDE user portal now uses Globus Auth

The XSEDE User Portal now uses XSEDE's Globus Auth interface for logging in. While mostly invisible to XSEDE users, this "under the covers" addition to the user portal lays important groundwork for XSEDE to offer more features from the Globus data platform, such as data transfer, data sharing, and data publication. It also offers simpler ways for campuses, science gateways, and other national research services to recognize and serve XSEDE researchers.

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