OpenStack tutorial for building clusters on Jetstream

Eric Coulter, engineer for Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration, presented a tutorial on building clusters on the Jetstream system during this month's PEARC 17 conference.  The tutorial steps are available at, please note that you will need API access to use the OpenStack command-line tools on Jetstream.  These instructions also rely on the use of an OpenStack host where the commands are installed on Jetstream in order to build the cluster.

XCI toolkit images available for test-drive on Jetstream system

XCI has created images that allow its cluster toolkit to be used on the Jetstream research cloud system offered by XSEDE.  These images create a persistent cluster in the Jetstream environment and provide software to test and implement clusters.  Currently CRI is supporting the SEAGrid science gateway with a persistent Jetstream cluster.  For more details email and check out our git repository at

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