data collections

Synchronizing data between campus and XSEDE

Some research projects—particularly those with team members at multiple campuses—need to maintain copies of the project's data on a campus system and on an XSEDE system. (This need was recognized and documented by XSEDE's Campus Bridging initiative.) Keeping these copies synchronized is important, but it shouldn't be time-consuming for researchers. Cloud synchronization services like Dropbox and Google Drive aren't always practical for research data at supercomputing scale.

XSEDE Introduces SP Hosted Data Collection Advertising and Discovery

XSEDE introduces the ability for Service Providers (SPs) to advertise data collections that are locally hosted on their XSEDE resources, and the ability for XSEDE users to discover and access these data collections. This capability was developed in collaboration with Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) which is advertising data collections available on Bridges.

To discover XSEDE hosted data collections visit the Data Collections Page in the User Portal.

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