XSEDE Supports International Federated Identity Assurance Standards

XSEDE was one of the InCommon members that participated in an international interoperability pilot for new federated identity assurance standards from the Research and Education FEDerations (​REFEDS​) group. These standards enable XSEDE to access higher assurance cyberinfrastructure via the InCommon federation. The pilot tested use of these standards between XSEDE and other federated services in the US and Europe.

XSEDE provides the Open Science Grid access to CILogon Certificate Authority services

XSEDE starts providing the Open Science Grid (OSG) a dedicated IGTF-accredited CILogon CA instance providing the OSG community with digital certificates. OSG members can use CILogon, via the OSG PKI Certificate Request & Management System, to issue both end user and host/service certificates to secure their infrastructure.

Improved XSEDE CILogin service now supports OAuth 2.0

The CILogon Service enables users to authenticate with their home organization InCommon credentials to access XSEDE cyberinfrastructure resources.

An enhanced CILogon service now support both the OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0) and OAuth 1.0a protocols. This enhancement is most useful to software/service developers that integrate with XSEDE’s security services.

More information is available on the XSEDE CILogon home page.

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